Renovations underway

The first, or ‘ripping up’, phase of the renovations here at Strickler is nearing completion. We have removed all the seats from under the dome and taken down many of the slide projectors. The old workroom is nearly cleared out as well and awaiting its new makeover. The photos below should give a better idea of exactly what’s going on. It’s messy work, and the planetarium is in kind of sad shape, but it’s exciting as well. This is Strickler’s first major renovation in forty years!
We started with the workroom, clearing out forty years’ worth of planetarium paraphenalia accumulation. The old countertops will be taken out to make room for new counter space, cabinets, and computer work stations. The servers from the new digital projection system will also be back here.
Empty Workroom
Here’s the view from under the dome. We’ve taken out the seats (which will be sold to students). The old seats were concentric benches and seated about eighty. The new seats will be individual and epi-centric (semi-circular) and will seat about forty. What we’re losing in numbers we hope to gain in comfort and ease of viewing. You can also see in this shot the edge of the old projector pedestal and the assorted slide projectors of which we’ll no longer have need. I’m not too sorry to see them go . . .
Under The Dome
Here’s a view of our current (inverted) star projector, an opto-mechanical Spitz A4. It’s been a trusty beast, but it’s time for it to go. The Digistar system we will be purchasing has the capacity for working around star projectors, but the Spitz is so tall as to make this difficult. It will go to the company we’ve contract with to remove it.
Spitz A4
That’s all for now. I’ll continue to post photos as events accelerate.

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