Undiscovered Worlds

Educator's Guide

Join the search for undiscovered worlds with this program that explores the most exciting frontier in contemporary astronomy: the discovery of exoplanets. Exoplanets are worlds that circle stars other than our Sun, and their detection and classification is a rapidly developing field of observational astronomy. This show is appropriate for middle school, high school, and adult audiences and discusses the history of exoplanetary detection, outlines the types of exoplanets so far discovered, investigates the implications this has for our theories of the evolution of the solar system, and explains the science behind our methods of detecting these bodies. Spectacular representations of what these newly-discovered objects may look like brings an immersive and imaginative element to this factual description of the most rapidly-developing astronomical endeavor. Running time approximately 30 minutes, 45 minutes with live star talk and discussion. Topics covered: spectroscopy, transits, Kepler mission, solar system evolution. Grades 6-12 and adult. Educator's guide available.

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