No seats, no Spitz, no problem . . .

Well, I guess we’ve passed the point of no return here at Strickler Planetarium. The workers from Ash Enterprises arrived this Sunday to begin disassembling our star projector and console. The work went so quickly that I didn’t have time to snap any pictures until they were completely gone. Now the salvageable pieces have been boxed up and mailed off, and the non-salvageable pieces have been thrown away. Campus workers also came in and removed the old carpet and the shelf that ran along the bottom of the dome and held the now-unnecessary slide projectors. They also began putting up the cabinets in the workroom. (It’s been a busy couple of days.) The workers from Ash remain and are currently cleaning and painting the interior of the dome.

Next on the list of things to do is install the new carpet and the seats before the new star projector arrives. But first . . . tonight’s lunar eclipse!

The planetarium is empty (and messy)The planetarium is empty (and messy)
The Spitz is gone.The Spitz is gone.
The console is gone.The console is gone.
The workroom cabinets are being hung.The workroom cabinets are being hung.
The dome is being cleaned and painted.The dome is being cleaned and painted.

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