Narrated by Star Wars' Mark Hamill and with a soundtrack performed by the Nashville Orchestra, this show explores the dynamic life and death of stars, the powerhouses of the universe.  This show is suitable for general audiences and educationally geared toward middle school level and above.  STARS explores star birth, giant stars, pulsars, and black holes as well as a providing a brief history of astronomy and an introduction to our solar system, the galaxy, and the nature of light.  Running time approximately 35 minutes, including live star talk.

STARS is a production of Adventure Science Center, Sudekum Planetarium, Nashville, TN

Attack of the Space Pirates

Attack of the Space Pirates Theatrical Poster


This full-dome presentation by the creators of The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket is educational fun for the entire family, a space thriller that puts the science back in science fiction. Join the crew of the Starship Intrepid as they race against time to put together clues and assemble an ancient alien technology.  Along the way they encounter various astronomical objects such as exoplanets, giant stars, pulsars, and black holes.

Topics discussed include the life cycles of stars, supernovae, and the way planetary systems evolve over time. Suitable for middle school to adult learners, this show places the viewer in the cockpit for an out-of-this-world learning adventure. Running time approximately 35 minutes, including live star talk.

About Strickler Planetarium

Strickler Planetarium

Strickler Planetarium, located on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois, is a state-of-the-art digital planetarium dedicated to educating the public about the natural world. The planetarium, constructed in 1967, was extensively renovated in 2008 and transitioned from an opto-mechanical star projector to a fully digital projection system. In 2019, the planetarium's capabilities were again upgraded to a brand-new Digistar 6 system. Audiences are immersed as never before in a three-dimensional visualization of the night sky, the solar system, the galaxy, and beyond. The Digistar’s realtime database means that simulated travel through space is more than simple special effects — it’s an actual journey through an accurate model of the known universe, with the audience in the pilot's seat!

Strickler Planetarium is one of only three planetaria in Illinois with digital projection capabilities. Witness the history of the universe from its fiery birth to the formation of our solar system. Explore colliding galaxies and the dusty reaches of our own Milky Way. Take a tour from our own night sky to the edge of the solar system. Our science educators and our multimedia tools make this all possible from the comfort of your seats. Come and see the new Strickler Planetarium.