Jeri LaMont, ManagerPicture of Woman

Jeri graduated with a B.S. in Geology in 2014 and is in the process of obtaining her MBA at Olivet. During her time as an undergraduate student she served as a teaching assistant for geology labs. She is a lab instructor for Earth and Space Science courses at Olivet. In her free time you can catch her playing with her goldendoodle, traveling with family, and stargazing in the backyard.

Rachel Meyer, Operator

Rachel has shoulder length brown hair and is sitting at a table with a latte with a heart design.Rachel is a senior at Olivet studying electrical engineering. She hopes to one day use her degree to work on electrical systems on rocket ships or other astronomical tools such as satellites and telescopes. Rachel is also one of the teaching assistants for Olivet’s astronomy course. In her free time she enjoys reading sci fi novels, long boarding, and thinking of crazy ideas with her friends.